Danica Studio Swedish sponge clothes, Set of Two, Bicicletta Design


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  • These Dishcloths Are Made from 70% Cellulose and 30% Cotton
  • Replace paper towels and sponges with reusable Swedish dishcloths! Made in Sweden from 70% FSC certified wood cellulose and 30% cotton, they are 100% compostable after use. This set includes ¬†matching dishcloths.
  • Mop up messes, wash dishes, wipe surfaces and clean glass and stainless steel with these versatile Swedish dishcloths. Use to wipe windows for a lint and streak free finish.
  • Simply dampen with water and the dishcloth becomes soft and pliable when wet. Each dishcloth absorbs 15x its own weight in water, making it incredibly sponge-like. When not in use, it will air dry quickly.
  • Machine washable and dishwasher safe, these dishcloths are very durable. Each dishcloth will last for 6+ months and can be thrown in the compost when it has reached the end of its life cycle.
  • The Bicicletta surface design is printed using water based inks, keeping the sustainable integrity of this dishcloth.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


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