Dust Bunny Dusting Cloth


Adorable, reusable dusting cloth. Those dust bunnies didn’t stand a chance.Cotton Flannel

Cotton Flannel
W13 x L15 inch

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Say goodbye to dust bunnies with sets of three cotton flannel dusters. Use on any household surface, damp or dry, for streak-free and lint-free dusting

  • This set includes three coordinating flannel dust cloths
  • Each dust cloth in this set includes three dusting cloths measuring 13-Inch wide and 15-Inch long
  • Use these dust cloths on any household surface for streak free and lint-free dusting
  • These dust cloths are made from soft and durable cotton flannel and can be used damp or dry
  • Simple care: these dust cloths are machine washable
  • Cotton Flannel
    W13 x L15 inch
    Made in India

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Weight 0.64 g
Dimensions 35 × 0.35 × 0.4 cm


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