Organic Cotton Mesh Reusable Produce Bags


Reusable organic cotton mesh produce bag. Drawstring.

  • Sewn in EXTERIOR tare weight tag makes checkout credit easy.
  • Excellent for storing produce in the refrigerator. A damp bag will help greens stay crisp for days.
  • Made in India of first-grade 4 oz. Organic Cotton Muslin Fabric, certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) for Ecology & Social Responsibility.




Recommended for thick skinned produce (potatoes, onions, apples, etc.)

Mesh Produce Bags replace plastic and net bags, and are great for both produce shopping and storage.  The mesh fabric is highly stretchable, allows for easy identification of contents, and provides excellent air circulation.  You can hang full bags of onions, potatoes, and garlic by the drawstring for extra pantry space. Mesh bags also work well for refrigerator storage of thick skinned produce like apples, oranges, and cucumbers.

In addition to produce shopping, mesh bags are a multipurpose net bag perfect for laundering delicate items, children’s toy organization, taking to the beach, hanging storage bags, and many more jobs!

Made of knitted organic cotton net fabric.  GOTS certified for both ECOLOGY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for the entire production process, including growing, harvesting, spinning yarn, weaving/knitting fabric, and sewing bags.  Since they’re made of unprocessed cotton, they bring additional benefits to our health and environment by avoiding highly toxic pesticides, fertilizers, bleaches, and dyes used in regular cotton crops. Designed, packaged, and shipped in the United States, cotton grown and bags manufactured in India.


The 1/8 inch square knit fabric has amazing elasticity and strength. Easy to care for, hand or machine wash them in COLD water and flat or line dry.  They are made of unprocessed fabric, never washed or bleached, so they will shrink about 7-10% after the first wash, but will stretch back out.

Additional information

Weight 0.14 g
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 1 cm


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