Organic Cotton Reusable Market Beach String Bag-Natural


Classic market or beach string bag. Made in a neutral unbleached organic cotton.¬† Perfect forthe Market & Beach String Bag is versatile, stretchable, and durable. And even better, it’s great for the environment! String Market & Beach Bag, Simple Ecology, Reusable Cotton, Natural Organic Sustainable Environmentally Friendly #fall #pumpkins #natural #organic #reusable #ecofriendly


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  • Dual short and long handles for comfortable carrying by hand or on shoulder
  • Strong, durable, and fashionable bag that stretches to fit a large capacity
  • Great for shopping, beach trips, picnics, tailgates, school, gym, toy carrying, or almost anything else
  • The Best in Eco-Friendliness: natural, sustainable, organic, biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, zero waste
  • Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified organic cotton knit fabric for both ECOLOGY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
  • Product will be shipped in a Kraft envelope.


Easy to care for by machine or hand washing in COLD water then flat or line drying.  Natural bags are unprocessed cotton so may shrink a little, but they will stretch back out when filled.


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