Rockwell Razor Bank

It’s Easy to Dispose of Your Safety Razor Blades

It is easy to take care of and dispose of your safety razor blades, whether you’re using a Rockwell Razor blade or any other brand of double-edge razor blades (we’re okay with an open relationship).¬†Just remember to always practice caution when handling double edge razor blades.

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What to Do With the Blade?

If you have a Rockwell Razor, feel free to pick up the inexpensive Rockwell Blade Safe. If you look carefully, there is a slot on the top of the dome, similar to a piggy-bank. Drop your razor blade through this slot. It’s 100% eco friendly and recyclable – once it’s filled up, tape it shut and throw it in with the recycling.

Even if you use an alternative safety razor with a different brand of blades (or if you have blades left over from your old safety razor) you can deposit the same double edge blades into the Rockwell Blade Safe.

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